The M model - the Z4 M - is powered by the S54 straight-six engine. European sales began in March Initial models consisted of the roadster body style powered by a 2.

bmw z4 v8

The Z4 Roadster was launched in with the 2. The design was approved in Summer of and frozen in December The production car was introduced at the New York Auto Show in April and was available for sale in late May Compared with its Z3 predecessor, the Z4 is larger and has a stiffer chassis. The rear suspension uses a multi-link design, instead of the semi-trailing design used by the Z3.

Some reviewers have criticised the ride quality for being too harsh, and observed excessive bump steer from the rear suspension. The Z4 used lightweight materials to offset the increased weight over the smaller Z3, such as an aluminium hood and suspension components, magnesium roof frame. Run-flat tires removed the need for a spare tire, which reduces weight and allows for a larger trunk. The 6-cylinder engines included all-alloy construction, variable valve timing double-VANOS and throttle by wire.

Safety technology included four-wheel disc brakes and electronic stability control, incorporating ABS and traction control. An optional "Sport Package" included added stiffer and lower suspension, 18 inch wheels, and sport tuned electronic steering, throttle and shift parameters "Dynamic Driving Control".

Electric power steering replaced the traditional hydraulic power steering used by the Z3. The steering has been criticised for lacking feedback.

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In a 6 speed SMG gearbox was offered as an option on the 2. All models are E85 roadsters except as noted. European specifications shown. North American vehicles may have slightly lower power ratings.

US models include 2. The S54 was also on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for through The torque was available from 2, rpm. The Z4 M uses hydraulic power steering, unlike the electric power steering used by the rest of the Z4 range. Manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Alpinathe Roadster S was assembled at the manufacturer's Buchloe plant from body-in-white sent by the Spartanburg BMW factory.While there Craig replaced the factory 2.

Why put a Chevy in it. BMW made a super charged v8 in a m3 that was just plainly nasty. If you want the ls3 drive a corvette or put it in a Chevy roller. Was hoping to get out off the time when a Chevy engine put in everything.

And a friend has a tuned zr4 that was a factory super charged six that eats corvettes and challengers. If you bring a hellcat you better pray for long strait roads. I agree. Would have been amazing without the Vin Diesel flares and diffuser in the front… The sad thing is it was adults who put it together.

Official BMW Z4 GT3 with M3 V8 engine

To all the D bags and R tards who probably drive a stick civic or sunfire. This is in fact a perfect track weapon. This is the 21st century shelby roadster concept perfected. German ride quality with american torque. Even a jetta rides better than most american cars. But hey, im only someone on the internet. Amazing build. Your email address will not be published. Send new articles to your email inbox.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Brian Weir November 6, at pm. Lost interest as soon as I saw the ricer body kit. KawaiiHunted November 7, at am.

BMW Z4 (2007, E85) engine swap to 6.2L V8

James November 6, at pm. Billy Sharp November 6, at pm. R November 7, at am. Such ugly wheels and body.Coronavirus update: New contactless services to help keep you safe. I had a great experience at this dealership.

My salesperson was quick to respond on the internet and answered all my questions before a went in to look at the vehicle. When I got there the vehicle looked as advertised. The vehicle was clean and ready to be test driven. Everyone from my salesperson to the finance person to the mechanic I spoke to.

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They all went above and beyond to make the deal happen. They also gave me a great deal on my trade in.

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Great dealer experience. Bad vehicle. I pulled the oil dip stick prior to test drive to check oil. Looks like oil never changed. Almost like sand in the oil. So that ended the test drive. Other than that car looked ok with some minor rust just starting. But good looking vehicle.

BMW Z4 with a LS3 V8

I requested Information for bottom price. I was sent an email to come see the car. I think that is a racket. Needless to say, I never heard another word. Quick response. Upfront about imperfection on vehicle. Price was good.A useful guide. Adrian Dorofte. BMW is synonymous with exquisite power, so 8-cylinder units are nonetheless part of the brand culture, with the Bavarians having a long tradition of developing trailblazing V8 engines. Basically, at the moment, BMW relies on a single, core V8 family: the N63 which was launched back in and was subjected to several technical updates over the course of years.

As you might have already noticed, the designations are quite simple: N63 — S63 — P In terms of generations, the core N63 engine family premiered is a direct successor to the preceding N62 V8s. As a matter of fact, the N63 is a forerunner in many aspects: the first V8 engine in the industry to use a hot-vee layout and the first BMW V8 unit to use turbocharging and direct injection.

From the very beginning, the new N63 BMW V8 engines were presented as revolutionary powerplant concepts, owing to the fact they were the first V8 units in the automotive world to feature a hot-vee layout.

Furthermore, with the exhaust manifold and turbocharging unit placed between the cylinders, the advantage is that the distance between the exhaust valves and the turbochargers reduces significantly.

The shorter the length, the more effective and faster the turbocharger goes into action. Most importantly, the hot-vee layout helps to substantially reduce the turbo lag and acceleration response. For acoustic reasons, the turbochargers of the N63 engine generation use diverter valves instead of blow-off valves. Nonetheless, the throttle response is also further improved in the N63 thanks to the installation of air-to-water intercoolers.

The cylinder block and head are manufactured of aluminum-silicon alloy or Alusil, as it is called. There are 4 valves per each cylinder, so 32 in total, with a dual overhead camshaft configuration or DOHC. The 4, cc 4. The displacement was reduced to 3, cc 4. The N63 engines have been on the market sinceso across time they received some important upgrades to make them more powerful and efficient. The first update came in The new N63B44O1 generation benefitted from the installation of:.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 BMW Z4E85 engine swap to 6. Prev of 4 2 3 4 Next. Hi all - I think I'm now at the stage of being happy to share the build of my new project as I've been driving it all week and so far, no major issues! To start off, I previously built a project that had a new 6.

I loved the drive-train though so I eventually came upon the idea of keeping that, binning everything else apart from a few momentos and putting it all into something a lot more modern. So, bye bye Rolls Royce I'd had to cut a lot of the steelwork out to fit the new engine and the brakes, suspension, steering, etc.

I saved the grill for my wall in the garage but there was nothing really left in there worth saving. The Z4 was a non runner as the previous owner had fallen out with their mechanic. The engine was not running and there were deeper, hidden problems with it. A quick note here though: as some Z4's in the states have been converted I did some research before I attempted the installation but what I found was that the forums said my unmodified LS3 V8 wouldn't fit.

The oil pan fouls against the subframe brace. So, I did my measurements, thought it'd be close but do-able, and managed to get it in there with a bit of a thump. Doubt it'll come out easily but there is about 10mm between the sump and the brace so I feel that's close but not a problem.

Easy I thought, a weekends work so far. Now to make up the engine mounts, propshaft and exhaust. Engine mounts 3 weeks work : I thought at first that I could re-use the BMW mounts and adapt them to the LS3 mounting plates I had from the previous project but after two failed attempts I realised that a combination of the weird metal alloy BMW had used plus my frankly terrible welding wasn't going to do it.

I made a third set using seriously heavy duty C beam and massive amounts of welding glue which so far have held up just fine. Only a few weeks to get the first version on but it was far too low and also clashed with the steering and suspension.

Plus was technically what you'd call a bit loud 98dB on tickover. So over about another 4 months I took it off, tweaked, re-mounted, cursed, took off, etc. After the 2nd MOT see belowI also decided the noise was probably a little much so added two short silencers into the pipework and came up with the Mk2 85dB : Also worth mentioning that one of the US naysayers stated that the reason the LS3 wouldn't work in the right hand drive Z4 is that it clashes with the steering and bodywork.

And they're right, it would have. Never one to give in to steelwork, I decided to turn the manifold upside down and loop the exhaust pipe upwards and then down to get a better angle through the steering. It was all a bit close, mm's to spare, so another tweak to the Mk2 had me scalloping the pipe so the steering shaft runs through the pipe.

Propshaft 1 week for the Mk1 : I took the end flange from the old project and the propshaft from the BMW then outsourced the shortening to a local propshaft specialist company. Fitted it and found that it wobbled about like me on 10 pints. I tried all sorts of tweaks like playing with the engine alignment, revising support brackets, etc.

bmw z4 v8

On a 10mph test drive it felt like the car was tearing itself apart so I eventually called a tow truck and took the car to a local car restoration company as they offered to put it on a ramp and rotate the shaft by hand to see the extent of the problem there's only so much you can do on your back on your driveway! The wobble was obvious and it wasn't the alignment. So onto the Mk2 propshaft by a different specialist and that was for some reason too short.

So onto the Mk3 and the wobble was still there! Mk3 gave way to Mk4 and we also swapped out the aluminium shaft coupling I had in there with a standard rubber one, which is what it's now running. There is still a wobble but its very minor. We looked at a Mk5 but the racing company roped in to help said the shaft was so short it was literally as good as it'll get as a cheapo bespoke unit.

All in, the propshaft has taken over 6 months to sort including 2 months on and off a ramp in the restoration company. But there was more work in between all that: Fuel system 2 weeks : When I took a few steps back and thought of other jobs to sort I looked up the fuel pump spec for the 2L Z4 and found that all Z4's apart from the 2L had sufficient flow and pressure for the LS3.

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bmw z4 v8

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bmw z4 v8

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What BMW has a V8 engine? A useful guide

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